• Health Surveillance UKIM Occupational Health And Wellbeing (1)
    How Fitness to Work Assessments can help your business to operate safely 11/04/2024

    We take a look at how Fitness to Work Assessments can protect both employers and employees ...

  • Stress Awarenss UKIM Occupational Health & Wellbeing
    Why it's imperative for employers to monitor stress 02/04/2024

    With stress accounting for over half of long-term sick leave from work, we look at why its important for organisations to offer support to their employees.

  • Stop Stigma UKIM Occupational Health & Wellbeing
    Break the Culture of Silence to Tackle Mental Health 26/03/2024

    Stigma surrounding mental health is prevalent all around the world and it’s something that’s especially huge within business cultures. We look at how this can be tackled in the workplace.

  • Supporting Women In The Workplace
    Supporting Women in the Workplace 25/03/2024

    Investing in women’s wellbeing is smart business - and our dedicated clinical experts can help you adopt best practices & build a culture of inclusion

  • Workplace Wellbeing Improve Workplace Performance
    Step Up Wellbeing for Improved Workplace Performance 20/03/2024

    Wellbeing is a very broad term, and it can have many aspects. They key aspects are physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing, and if one aspect is neglected, then it can impact the other. Find out how to improve mental wellbeing here ...

  • Workplace Wellbeing UKIM Occupational Health
    Boost staff morale with practical mental wellbeing strategies 18/03/2024

    With a mentally healthy workforce seeing increasing importance on the corporate agenda, UKIM's Lead Psychologist, Dr Kayode shares his workplace wellbeing tips ...

  • Reasonable Adjustments For Menopausal Women In The Workplace
    The reasonable adjustments every employer should make to support menopausal women at work 11/03/2024

    With research showing that two thirds of working women between the ages of 40 and 60 have experienced menopausal symptoms at work and it’s had a negative impact, we look at the steps all employers should consider to support this fastest growing workplace demographic.

  • Girls Football 2
    Understanding how independent mental health support can help female athletes 08/03/2024

    Female athletes can face a range of challenges and we talk about how independent occupational health support can help female sports professionals to tackle poor mental health by providing the support they need to feel their best on and off the pitch.

  • 4
    Almost 35% of UK barristers feel down or in low spirits 28/02/2024

    As The Bar Council reports on poor mental health within the sector, we look at why its imperative that there’s support available in the workplace of law.