Why sportspeople need to practice good mental health

Athletes can face many challenges that may impact their mental state, such as performance pressure, club transfers, career threatening injuries, and negative comments on social media. Our Wellbeing in Sport services can help with all these potential issues, and we've collected our latest professional advice below.

Footballer experiencing low confidence levels

Online Criticism in the Sporting World

Whether it’s online hate, performance worries and criticisms, or injury stresses - players of sport can face many mental health and wellbeing challenges and that’s why its becoming increasingly important for clubs to support their athletes with proactive mental health solutions...


Footballer experiencing mental health problems

Mental Health off the Pitch

Here we talk about how professional sports people may have hidden issues outside of the sporting arena which may affect their mental health.


Exhausted footballer bending over ball

Highlighting the importance of Mental Wellbeing in Sport

It’s no secret that the world of sport is tough for people physically, but it’s also worth noting that athletes and sportspeople can struggle with their careers mentally.


UKIM launch their mental wellbeing in sport service

UKIM Launches Wellbeing in Sport Service to Support Player Mental Wellbeing

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Bradford City AFC, where we will be providing the club players with bespoke mental health and wellbeing support.


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