Making your business a menopause friendly workplace

Menopausal women represent the fastest growing workplace demographic. According to menopause statistics, it’s estimated that by 2030, menopause-related productivity losses could cost more than £110 billion a year. We take a look at how you can recognise the symptoms of the menopause, and practical steps you can take to support employees.

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52% of menopausal women consider leaving work

Worldwide, it’s estimated that around half of all menopausal women work during their menopausal years. That’s around 328 million women. But with a general lack of understanding about menopausal symptoms and health issues associated with Menopause not recognised or talked about in the workplace, it’s estimated that around 52% of all menopausal women consider leaving employment.


The latest insight on helping employees with the menopause

How can Menopause Training benefit your workplace?

By committing to a ‘menopause at work’ pledge and adopting a ‘menopause at work’ policy that can include flexible hours, hybrid working, job sharing, paced working and task scheduling, rest spaces and regular supportive contact with managers, the whole ‘menopause at work’ culture can be improved to provide greater understanding and support, resulting in increased productivity and reduced sickness absenteeism.


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