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We're a trusted provider of comprehensive Occupational Health services for businesses across the UK

With a focus on improving your workforce’s physical and mental wellbeing, we deliver a suite of services, including Case Management, Physiotherapy, Counselling and Absence Management, alongside a range of other evidence-based treatments designed to keep your employees healthy, happy, and productive.

Our Occupational Health services

Whether it's to help your staff to recover from injuries or musculoskeletal problems, manage mental health issues, or stay in good physical and mental health, our team of over 4,000 highly qualified clinicians and therapists is here to support you.

From preventative solutions and early identification support to diverse treatment options and relapse prevention, our end-to-end services ensure that your employees stay well and develop future resilience.


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Accessing our services has never been easier.

We have over 800 treatment venues spread across the UK, which means that, on average, patients have travel time of just four miles for face-to-face assessments or treatment.

At UKIM, we understand that your business is unique, and so are your employees. We can create tailored health assessments, provide onsite health coaches, promote healthy living education, and deliver digital employee benefits programmes to suit the specific needs of your business and your staff.

Our commitment to you...

Our goal is simple: to help businesses like yours create a healthier, more productive workforce. So why not get in touch with us today and let us show you how we can help?



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Your handy guide to the Occupational Health services we can supply and support your business with - click the image below for your PDF copy;

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Are you an employee?

If you have any health conditions or concerns that you are worried may impact your performance at work, we would encourage you to discuss them with your employer in a transparent and open manner. They may be able to provide support or a referral to our Occupational Health services (like Physiotherapy or Counselling) to help you manage your health at work.

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The latest Occupational Health insights from our Clinical Experts.

Our team of professionals publish regular news and service columns about all aspects of Occupational Health, providing additional background and context for the scope of services we can offer to businesses.

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To find out more about our Occupational Health services and how we can help your business, call 0191 512 8220 or email: wellbeing@ukim-oh.com


Certifications and Accreditations

We're certified by SEQOHS We are members of COHPA, an Association for Occupational Health and Wellbeing providers We are Investors In People We are ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 Certified We are a Disability Confident Leader